Power Supply Unit

 400W 80 PLUS® Gold PSU:

A 400 Watt, 80 PLUS® Gold Certified power supply standard, boasting 80% or higher efficiency for maximum power savings and minimum heat generation.


Redundant 500W 80 PLUS® PSU:

Redundant power supplies are commonly used in high end computing servers that cannot afford to go offline.


A redundant power supply consists of an active enclosure that contains two or more adjacent, hot-swappable power supply modules. These modules operate independently of one other and only one of them actively powers the server while the other stands by. Should a module fail the companion module seamlessly takes over without power interruption. Because of its modular design, the failed module can then be replaced with a new one, also without power interruption. This feature protects the system from the damage, data loss, and business interruption that can result from an unexpected shutdown.


Advatronix Systems recommends a redundant power supply for best performance and relability.



This power supply features twin power modules that function independently of one another so that in the event one of the power module fails, the server uptime will not be interrupted.


This PSU comes equipped with PMBus™ technology, which allows system administrators to remotely monitor the health of the power supply unit to help ensure maximum uptime and reliability.